Artemia Portrait

Artemia | Photography

a unique expression of my vision

Fall in love with yourself, with life, then you'll look beautiful in the pictures.

My work is a result of my vision, honed skills, and expertise in capturing extraordinary images. Each piece's time, effort, and technical proficiency contribute to valuable work for my clients.  I create images that stand out. Offering a distinct perspective from the average boudoir/art nude market and maintaining meticulous quality standards. I ensure my photographs are done in the best possible manner and professional, respectful, and focused on creating a safe environment for you to feel comfortable and confident.                                                      

I'm open to hearing your ideas I believe your creativity could be an incredible opportunity for you to make stunning art. Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until becomes a memory.           

My work start from $370+gst.  It includes all my passion for crafting stunning images for you.